Why join?

If you’re a tradesperson in Cornwall, to get involved and become a Low Carbon Ambassador, you simply need to sign up to HomeWorks and complete a selection of training modules.

Tradespeople who sign up to HomeWorks get access to a range of benefits, which include:

  • Being part of a formally recognised retrofit scheme which could help to generate additional work
  • Free training associated with energy efficiency
  • A smartphone app (currently in development) which will support tradespeople to offer value-added advice to their customers
  • A reward system, including for successful referrals
  • Access to a network of local tradespeople
  • Support and compliance with all relevant legislation, such as PAS 2035
  • The knowledge that they are contributing to the UK’s Net Zero target and helping to fight climate change
Want to find out more? You can contact the HomeWorks team via hello@homeworksretrofit.com