What is HomeWorks?

HomeWorks is an initiative that looks to make people’s homes warmer, greener and cheaper to heat by encouraging tradespeople to talk about the benefits of energy efficiency.

HomeWorks will provide tradespeople with information, skills and incentives to become Low Carbon Ambassadors. This means they will be able to give an overview of the retrofit measures that might be appropriate for a property they are working in.

In addition, Low Carbon Ambassadors will be able to talk about how to get further information, the next steps in the process, and will leave reading materials for the homeowner to find out more.

Following this initial conversation, if a homeowner wishes to go further and commission a tailored whole house report from a retrofit coordinator the tradesperson referring the work will receive a reward.

The idea behind HomeWorks is to encourage conversations about undertaking energy efficiency measures at the optimal time for homeowners; when work is already taking place in a home, since this is when the cost and disruption of the additional measures will be minimised.

The programme is initially launching in Cornwall, with a view to wider roll out in due course.