How it works

HomeWorks is a government-backed initiative to provide tradespeople with information, skills and incentives to play their part in the transition to Net Zero, by talking about the benefits of domestic energy efficiency to the homeowners that they visit in the course of their work.

In practice, tradespeople who register for HomeWorks will receive free training on energy efficiency. Following the successful completion of training, the tradesperson will become a ‘HomeWorks Low Carbon Ambassador’ (LCA).

The LCA will have access to the HomeWorks app, which they can use to inform tailored conversations about the energy efficiency measures that might be appropriate in the properties that they visit in the course of their work. The LCA will then provide advice on next steps and where best to find information on indicative measures and cost guidance.

Following this, if a homeowner wishes to go further, a Trustmark-registered Retrofit Coordinator, would be commissioned to produce a report and the tradesperson referring the work will receive a reward.