Everything you need to know as a homeowner about HomeWorks

About HomeWorks

HomeWorks is a Government backed initiative which encourages the take up of retrofitted energy efficiency measures in households. Initially being trialled in Cornwall, participating homeowners will have warmer, greener homes which are cheaper to heat. The long-term value of the property is also protected, and may be increased, by improving domestic energy efficiency performance.

These benefits will come with less disruption, complication and expense than undertaking standalone retrofits.

With quality endorsement provided by TrustMark, and BRE, specialists in building science, providing strategic oversight, project development and training tools, homeowners will benefit from high quality trusted advice on retrofitted energy measures, so they have confidence to make the right decisions about their properties.

What is energy efficiency retrofit?

Retrofitting refers to updating a property and adding a feature(s) that were not there before. This could involve, for example, conducting major works on redecorating a kitchen or installing a conservatory.

Energy efficiency retrofit is turning an ordinary retrofit into a modern energy efficient building which can reduce energy bill costs and increase the value of your property. The retrofitted energy measures might include loft insulation or filling cavity walls (i.e. a wall that has a hollow centre), depending on what is best for your property and your budget.

How will it work?

HomeWorks starts with you – it is designed to help homeowners who are already planning on retrofitting their property, or those who want to find more about undertaking energy efficiency measures at the same time as other disruptive home improvement works.

Local TrustMark registered tradespeople will be equipped with the training, information and tools required to confidently advise homeowners on which works might be appropriate in addition to those already being undertaken, in order to deliver the maximum possible benefits for least cost and disruption.

For instance, kitchen fitters will be able to advise on whether cavity wall insulation is also appropriate, and cavity wall installers will be able to inform homeowners on whether or not double glazing would be a good idea. Crucially, they will then also be able to introduce a trusted and approved supplier to take the additional work forward.

Why get involved?

This is an exciting project at the heart of Cornwall, with the potential to be developed nationwide. Not only will you directly benefit from the additional work done – whether it’s increasing the value of your property or reducing energy bills – you will also play a crucial role in supporting the UK’s broader carbon reduction targets.

Want to get started? HomeWorks can arrange an energy efficiency assessment of your property where we will help you identify where savings and improvements can be made.

Contact us on hello@homeworksretrofit.com to find out more on how you can join Cornwall’s energy efficient revolution.